I would also favour work that isn't part of, and perhaps criticises, the conventional political
hegemony, of left as well as right. Here I ought to explain my own political standpoint which is
likely to colour my editorial choices;
I am concerned that there is so little in terms of ideas about how to end poverty in Britain, and I
would welcome any proposals to that end, especially ones that also consider the broader
economical problems facing any government (if anyone wants to know my own proposals they
can be found in "
A Working Class Alternative To Labour");
I am particularly interested in publishing books of ideas that might support a political way
forward that aims at
1 Removing poverty and radically altering the class system
2 Restoring Britain's manufacturing base
3 Reversing the trade deficit
4 Dealing with the budget deficit

I have no preconceptions about whether such ideas come from conservative or radical origins.

I am also very interested in the idea of consensus, and of developing a more reasonable and
considered approach to political debate than simply blaming the other side.  I am not interested
in Tory-hating. Radical ideas, like my own, interest me, but polarised thinking, the politics of
hate and blame is, I think, something we have enough of.
Work by economists and political economists would be especially welcome.
I am not very keen on the current(1970 onwards) left wing establishment, which I regard as
being dominated by the middle class interest, largely because it chose to occupy itself with
matters of identity rather than material equality, to the extent that fair wages for the working
classes are no longer something many middle class Labour voters necessarily think is
important. I find myself in opposition to many of the presumptions of what I call the middle
class left (if you want to get an idea of what I think about that subject you can read
Themselves- The Left Wing Middle Classes In Theatre And The Arts
. I would also
advise anyone submitting
a play to me to have a look at that book first).
Levellers' Press