Submitting Work

You can submit your work in any form you like, and send it either by email or by post. It can be an
extract or a synopsis or the whole thing. If you only have an idea then send me the idea. A short
letter of introduction and a CV can also be useful but it's not important, if you don't want to send
that, it's OK.
Please remember though, that I don't really have anyone to read for me, I do it myself, so please be
patient. I can't promise to read though the whole thing if I don't like it, but I will try to (I usually end
up doing it anyway). I won't give a long response if I chose not to publish it, I know these are only a
source of irritation. If I send you a rejection please don't be discouraged as all it means is that it
didn't coincide with my personal taste, or that I haven't the resources to publish it. (This last is most
likely as I have very limited resources indeed).  You can console yourself that I have probably
received more rejections than you have. I know how horrible it can be. I apologise in advance.
If you want it sent back please send a stamped addressed envelope, and NEVER SEND YOUR

Gregory Motton


Leveller's Press
2, Middle Street
CT14 7AG

tel 01304 617449


We will pay you royalties of 10% of the cover price of your book (most publishers only pay 7.5%).
Unfortunately we cannot afford to give you any advance against these royalties.

Preparation Of The Text

If we publish you then you would be asked to give the text to us in as far advanced a state of
readiness as possible. I do ask for you to be responsible for proof reading, for typos and literals. I
simply don't have the resources to do this, and while I will of course do checks, I am notoriously
blind to such errors in my own work. We will type-set it and send proofs to you for correction, in the
normal way. We will design the cover, but you will have a say in the cover's design.

The Editorial Role In Texts We Are Publishing

If you want me to act as an editor, in the traditional sense, I am happy to do so. That would mean
discussing the content with you and offering any help or advice I can to help you prepare it for
publication. My aim as an editor would be to help you to achieve what you set out to do.

We cannot market your book for you. Levellers Press is too small to do it, at present. The good side
of this is that our editorial policy is based entirely on the quality of what you write, not on whether
or not it sells. We will send out some review copies, but the onus for publicising the book will be on
you. This may change in the future but this is the position now.

You will be given a conventional author-publisher contract, we will have the usual interest in the
exploitation rights and we will have exclusive publication rights
, unless agreed otherwise.

(and for less experienced writers.............
Writing Help And Tuition)
Levellers' Press